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Sensalou incontinence pants are suitable for people with severe to very severe bladder weakness or incontinence.
Incontinence pants are similar to conventional underwear. They are pulled up over the legs and fit like briefs. Thanks to their special elastic shape, the underpants adapt to every body shape.

Available in three different sizes, the pants cover a hip circumference of 90 to 170 cm.

They can be worn by both men and women and are equally comfortable for both sexes.

We ship the pants directly to your door in a neutral and discreet box.

Adult diapers - absorbent and effective

The topics of incontinence and diapers for adults in everyday life are a taboo topic for many people. This not only affects nursing cases, but also men and women at a young age and who are otherwise in excellent health. There is no reason to be embarrassed if such a diaper is needed. The opposite is the case, because with our high-quality diapers you are able to wear absorbent, effective and inconspicuous adult diapers that have a high protection factor. Our pants cover the hip circumference from 90 cm to 190 cm. Our customers therefore benefit from a large selection of different sizes.

Incontinence pants in different sizes

Selecting the correct size is an important matter for adult diapers in order to noticeably increase comfort. With the right diaper size, it is possible to wear a diaper that fits comfortably. In this way, you won't notice the diaper at all in everyday life, but at the same time you can benefit from its many advantages should an emergency arise. Depending on your hip circumference, there are different sizes to choose from when it comes to diapers. In our well-stocked online shop you have the chance to order the following sizes:

Size M
Size L
Size XL
Size XXL

In addition, the Sensalou range offers you a test package in which you will find various diapers in sizes M, L and XL. With this package we offer you the opportunity to test which size offers you the most comfort and the best leakage protection. These test packages of diapers for adults are an excellent opportunity, especially for first-time customers, so that they can then order a larger package with the correct diaper size.

The adult diaper: an inconspicuous solution to incontinence problems

Incontinence problems affect many people, and not just those who suffer from major health problems. Severe bladder weakness affects many people, but quite a few of those affected do not talk about it publicly. We would like to help you ensure a higher quality of life despite bladder weakness or incontinence. Wearing our adult diapers is a good first step because it is an inconspicuous solution. Outsiders will not see that you are wearing one of our diapers under your clothing.

In addition, these diapers naturally make a significant contribution to the care industry. Large quantities are needed there every day and the diapers should ideally have different quality features. These sometimes include the following services:

  • Wearable like normal underwear
  • Odor neutralizing effect
  • Low-noise materials
  • Leakage barriers for effective leakage protection
  • Highly absorbent and quick-drying
  • Prevention of skin irritation

Incontinence diaper for men and women

Men and women can be equally affected by incontinence problems and it immediately happens that they have to or should deal with the issue of "pants incontinence". Age doesn't play a big role either, as bladder weakness is common in young and old. With our diapers for adults, everyone is able to ensure effective protection against leaking urine or major mishaps. If you have any questions about choosing a diaper and don't know exactly which diaper size is best for you, our competent team is always available to help and advise you.

Medium suction strength

For moderate bladder weakness

Maximum suction power

For severe to very severe bladder weakness

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