Forms of incontinence

Forms of incontinence

Commonly viewed as bladder weakness, incontinence in all its forms is a much broader and more complex issue.
Being incontinent means that the person has problems controlling their bladder or bowels. This can manifest itself in different forms of incontinence.


Forms of incontinence

• Urinary incontinence/bladder weakness

• Unintentional loss of urine, which forces the affected person to go to the toilet particularly frequently and to get up several times during the night. The causes of this form of incontinence are very different, as you can read about here.

• Fecal incontinence

• This is an intestinal weakness that is not a one-time occurrence, but rather occurs repeatedly and over a longer period of time. The patient has lost the ability to control his bowels.


Forms of incontinence are not uncommon

Unfortunately, incontinence is still a taboo topic today. It shouldn't be that way at all. Because it is not at all uncommon to be affected by incontinence. More than ten percent of Germans are incontinent in some form. It is even assumed that the actual number of people affected is much higher. However, not everyone dares to confide in a doctor.

Anyone who assumes that those affected are only older people or even those in need of care is wrong. The number of people affected by a form of incontinence will increase with increasing life expectancy and the taboo on the topic will be removed. However, younger people can also be affected by incontinence.


The stronger the form of incontinence, the greater the stress

Of course, being incontinent severely limits the person affected in their everyday life. The fear that an “unpleasant mishap” could happen is a constant companion and often leads to those affected socially isolating themselves. In the long term, this also puts a strain on the psyche and in many cases leads to depression.

That's why we've made it our mission to make life as easier as possible for all people affected by a form of incontinence with our Sensalou brand.

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