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Sensalou incontinence pad waterproof, washable

Sensalou incontinence pad waterproof, washable

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Incontinence pad - absorbent and washable

The incontinence pad is an important tool in the care industry and is considered a practical precautionary measure for use on beds, waterbeds and sofas. The four-layer absorbent fleece ensures high absorbency and the durable PU layer also serves as a moisture barrier, making the pads waterproof. This incontinence pad effectively protects the mattress from urine, water and blood. A high-quality underlay is able to bind odors and provides an uncomplicated option for cleaning. Sensalou's pads are able to permanently protect beds etc. and offer users of products in the "bed pad incontinence" area a high level of hygiene standards.

Washable incontinence pad - the advantages of a high-quality incontinence pad

The incontinence pad from our well-stocked online shop has a variety of advantages. These not only affect those people who find the pad as additional protection in bed. Nursing staff also benefit from the numerous advantages of the documents. The plus points include the following aspects:

  • waterproof documents
  • low odor due to odor neutralizing effect
  • High suction and protection function
  • Easily washable
  • Low noise level when replacing
  • High breathability

This small overview makes it clear how useful our pad is in everyday life. A not insignificant advantage is that these documents are extremely quiet. The crackling of the first-class terry cloth surface is very low and therefore replacing these pads is no problem, even when people are sleeping. Because the pads are washable, there is also the important aspect that the bed protector is sustainable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Incontinence bed pad - this is where the high-quality incontinence pad is used

Our washable incontinence pad with a high level of quality offers many possible areas of application. In most cases, the pads are used for beds or nursing beds. However, the pads can also be used on sofas or waterbeds. In addition, our professional four-layer underlay for a great feel-good surface is a daily requirement, and not just in care facilities. Private care services also use the documents for use by people in need of care who live in their own home.

Whether used in a care facility or for home care or private use for those with incontinence, our pads always provide a good service and ensure that the mattress stays dry. Quick replacement of the pad and reusability after cleaning ensure that all users benefit from the versatility of our high-quality incontinence pad.

Washable incontinence pad - different sizes available

In our online shop we provide a selection of various sizes for our documents. Our offer starts with the smallest version 40 x 50 cm. The Sensalou range then gradually transitions into larger models. We cover the following sizes:

Due to the good variety in the sizes of our underlays, we offer bed protection variants for all types of beds. You benefit from a fast delivery time, which only takes a few working days. Within Germany you can benefit from free delivery for orders over €25. Make sure you have a small supply of washable pads and you will always be able to provide the bed you want with effective protection.

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