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Sensalou mattress cover with zipper - waterproof

Sensalou mattress cover with zipper - waterproof

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Mattress cover - huge selection and optimal protection

In our online shop you will find a large selection of mattress covers and have the opportunity to choose numerous size variants to equip your bed with the highest protection factor related to incontinence, sweat, blood and even mites. We offer you fast delivery and products with a high level of quality. In addition, it has a great price-performance ratio, so you can buy several copies in stock without putting a strain on your wallet. Our mattress cover made of terry cotton has a waterproof polyurethane layer on the underside and thus offers first-class and effective protection.

Waterproof mattress protector - these are the advantages offered by a high-quality mattress cover

A high-quality cover offers a variety of advantages, particularly in terms of increased hygiene. A zippered mattress cover keeps moisture and liquids away from the actual mattress and can also make it easier to clean urine accumulation in the event of incontinence. Our covers also ensure that allergy-causing factors such as animal hair and allergens cannot penetrate the mattress. This protective measure is therefore ideal for people with incontinence and allergy sufferers. A big advantage is our extensive size selection for the following mattress sizes:

These sizes are available for mattresses with a height of 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm. Due to this wide selection, you have the chance to find exactly the cover that suits your bed. Our covers are not only suitable for single beds, but also for double beds. The high quality ensures that it can be used for a long time. Occasional cleaning is easy to carry out when exposed to excessive contamination.

Mattress cover: this is how cleaning works

Have you had bad experiences cleaning a mattress cover in the past? Then you haven't used a product from the Sensalou online shop before, because our covers are easy to clean and have a high hygiene standard. The durable mattress protector can be machine washed at 95 degrees. Afterwards it is conceivable to put the protection in the dryer for quick drying. With these two simple cleaning processes, the cover is ready for use again in no time and looks like new.

Because of the simple cleaning measures, the cover remains stain-free and offers a clean place to sleep and lie down after the mattress has been covered. This actually leads to increased comfort during the sleep phase and also ensures that you can sleep through the night more relaxed. A clean mattress is an essential contribution to a good night's sleep and therefore the high effectiveness against different types of moisture and liquids is a big advantage of our products.

Waterproof mattress cover - our mattress cover works effectively against various liquids

In the care sector, a mattress often comes into contact with liquids such as urine, blood or saliva. All of these legacies not only cause a significant reduction in comfort, the hygiene level also immediately drops. It is therefore advisable to change dirty covers quickly and wash the dirty mattress cover immediately. With our products you have valuable protection for your mattress and can rely on the fact that your mattress will remain clean even if you have incontinence and will continue to offer a good sleeping experience without unpleasant odor residues.

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