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Sensalou waterproof fitted sheet

Sensalou waterproof fitted sheet

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Waterproof fitted sheets for effective bed protection

In the Sensalou online shop you will find a great selection of waterproof fitted sheets with a top layer made of 100% terry cotton and a lower PU layer as a moisture barrier. These sheets are quick and easy to clean and are very breathable. The high quality is also illustrated by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. A waterproof fitted sheet from our shop is suitable for mattresses with a height of up to 25 cm. An important fact is that with us you can find not only waterproof sheets, but also mite-proof sheets. This means we offer the perfect mattress protector for everyone in our well-stocked online shop.

Waterproof fitted sheets - these groups benefit most from our high-quality products

Waterproof fitted sheets are able to provide very effective protection for the mattress. This protection factor applies to various fluids such as urine or blood. In addition, mattresses are also very effectively protected against mites and bacteria as well as allergens and dust. This gives certain groups the chance to experience a much more restful night and sleep through the night. This sometimes affects the following target groups when it comes to waterproof fitted sheets:

  • Allergy sufferers
  • Asthmatic
  • Bedwetter

The high-quality fitted sheets from the Sensalou shop serve as practical protection for beds of young and old. These fitted sheets with a top layer made of 100% terry cotton and a lower PU layer as a moisture barrier are not only used in the area of ​​professional care , but can also be used at home. The uses are varied because everyone has the opportunity to use these waterproof fitted sheets to keep unwanted visitors in the form of liquids, mites and other factors away from the mattress.

Waterproof fitted sheet - waterproof fitted sheets offer a high level of comfort

The waterproof fitted sheet should of course not only provide effective protection for your mattress, but also enable you to have a comfortable night's sleep. This is ensured by the high level of comfort of our fitted sheets. Our shop has different sizes available so that the mattress can be completely covered. The 100 percent terry cotton allows you to snuggle up comfortably at night. Gain energy for the new day by sleeping soundly. We attach great importance to combining the factors of effective protection with comfortable sleep. For this reason, you can benefit from the high quality of our fitted sheets and have a restful night. Should a mishap happen during the night, the easy cleaning of the bed sheets comes into play.

Waterproof fitted sheet - quick and easy to clean

When it comes to waterproof fitted sheets, easy cleaning is essential and one of the most important reasons for choosing them for areas such as the care industry. Our sheets are easy to clean because they are machine washable at 95 degrees. Afterwards you can simply put the sheet in the dryer. After this short amount of care, the fitted sheet from our online shop is ready for use again.

It is advisable not to leave the fitted sheets in use for too long. If they come into contact with urine or other unwanted dirt, they should be cleaned quickly to maintain a high standard of hygiene for the mattress and sheets. Therefore, keep a small supply of sheets so that you have a replacement sheet available in case of dirt and the subsequent cleaning. This way the mattress is never unprotected.

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